Our Special Services
Rent & Leasing

We rent and lease major equipment:

- Generators & Lightings

- Pneumatic Hydro-test Pump

- Air equipment of various CFM

- Electrical Hydro-test Pump

- Fork Lifts

- Dozers & Self Loaders

Cedar Fabric

At Cedarworks, we have well experienced engineers who offers solutions to develop retrofit parts that may be out of production from OEMS which in turn extends the operational life span of the equipment

1. Weld Neck Flanges 

2. Slip On Flanges 

3. Socket Weld Flanges 

4. Lap Joint Flanges 

5. Stub End Flanges 

6. Threaded Flanges 

7. Blind Flanges 

8. Cross Over Flanges


At Cedarworks , We offer seamless logistic management services and supply chain solutions. we provide innovative solutions with the best people, processes and technology to drive uncommon value for your company.

Well Head Consultancy

At Cedar works we are aware that lack of component maintenance and exposure to elements can take its toll on mechanical assembly, increasing the likelihood of production downtime caused by equipment failure. Our Wellhead Engineers are here to offer bespoke solutions to wellhead p r o b l e m s by e x e c u t i n g fi r s t l i n e a n d s eco n d l i n e m a i n t e n a n c e u s i ng preventive and or corrective repairs . Our Wellhead Consultation Services ranges from: 

-  Installations, 

- Maintenance

- Refurbishment

-  Replacement

- Pressure Bleeding / Monitoring

- Visual Inspections

- Function testing of Valves, Chokes and Actuators, 

- Pressure testing of Valves and Interfaces, 

- Maintenance Databases Ÿ Lubrication 

Health & Safety Services

Our partners are a complete HSE services provider offering Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Services throughout Nigeria and the UK. Together we help companies stay compliant to HSE regulations and operate in line with the HSE industry best Practice. We are committed to ensure your organisation avoid the direct and indirect costs associated with poor HSE Management which includes low staff morale and financial losses


1. Developing and maintaining a HSE Legislation diary for your organisation 

2. Helping your organization obtain international accreditations - OHSAS 18001/ISO45001 and ISO14001 

3. Providing general, bespoke and accredited HSE training to your staff

4. Providing organisational HSE Management thereby improving your organisation's HSE performance 

5. Providing HSE behavioural consultancy services to improve the HSE culture within your organisation 6. Providing HSE auditing services to ensure your company is fully compliant to HSE law


Procurement of materials and equipment for oil and gas industry has become an essential service in today’s competitive marketplace. Our role is to find and supply quality goods and equipment for the exploration and delivery of oil and gas, construction as well as engineering manufacturing industry. Through our research and strategic alliance with strong and experienced international technical partners, we provide qualitative procurement services and supply a wide range of technical equipment for oilfield operation, Refinery and Petrochemical plants. We can quote you very competitive prices at the shortest possible time. Call us to discuss how CEDAR WORKS procurement services can support your business.

Market Sectors

- Flanges

- Hoses and Fluid Handling 

   - Composite Hose

   - Hydraulic Hose

   - Pneumatic Hose

   - Rotary Hose

   - Rubber Instrumentation Hose

   - Suction & Return Hose

   - TFE High Pressure Hydraulic Hose

- Pipe Fittings

- Additional Areas

Instrumentation & Control

ur technical partners render quality services in the area of Instrumentation, Electrical. Mechanical, Construction and Pipeline Project, to the Oil and Gas Industry having competent Engineers and Technicians in project management from the start up to Commissioning

Our Mission

To develop a cordial relationship with our clients; provide the most reliable, honest, well engineered solutions to problems and together achieve higher levels of productivity, decreased cost and profitability within business

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